Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Toilet Bowl vs Rice Bowl

All this while I’ve told Jonas to pee pee at “big potty”, I didn’t tell him that is called toilet bowl, I guess “big potty” is easier for him.
One day, I think it is time to correct him with right word. So I told him pee pee at “Toilet Bowl”.
Immediately, he answers me: “No! Is not bowl, is toilet! Bowl is like this (make his hand to describe the pattern of the bowl which use to eat rice)
Ops! Again I feel every information or word introduce to them must be a correct way. Once they accepted is hard to change their mind.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cat walk

One night, we asked Jonas to pee pee before go to bed. He wanted his dad to acompany. Dad is lazy but no choice, so he crawl towards toilet. Jonas saw his father crawling, he said : " Cat ah? Cat ah?" {Daddy crawling like CAT walk, so funny}

After complete his "task" at toilet , Jonas said again to his dad, "I'm ready ,cat!"
Next he command to his dad "Open the door, cat!"

Both of us really laugh till we drop.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Buy chocolate

One day, I'm not feeling well and rest on the bed. Jonas knew it and came to my bed side.

Jonas : Mummy, you fever? ( touch my forehead )
Mummy : Yes.
Jonas : Later bring you to see doctor.
( Then he Act to drive car)
I'm late, I go to work now. You sleep at home.
(sound so familiar to me, just like what I told him everyday before go to work )
Wwrooomm .... wrooommmp ( he act to drive again)
I go to Jusco,I buy chocolate for baba, for meimei, for porpor, for gupor.
Mummy : How about mummy? Mummy don't have chocolate?
Jonas : Mummy fever, mummy cannot eat.
Mummy : ??!!??
( True! this what I always told him when he would like to eat chocolate)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Port Dickson Day Trip

25th December 2009, X'mas and year end school holiday, we went to Port Dickson beach for a day trip with my brother's family.

Before we get wet
You jump, I jump.
Leave me alone please...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Expensive stuff

Conjunction with 2009 year end school holiday and Awal Muharram holiday, I bought Jonas and his cousin to KLCC for the Dinosaur show again. It been many months requested by him.

We really feel disappointed because the Dinosaur exhibition had move to Kuantan and now is replace with "Muzika" show. In order to not 100% disappointed 2 little hearts, I let them do some dinosaurs toys shopping at the Petrosains souvenir shop.

When they got the approval to choose the toys, Jonas immeidately running toward the "Promotion" section to choose the tiny dinosaur he had bought last time. He is really loyalty because he still choosing back the same colour, same pattern dino toys that he had bought few months ago.

However, his cousin targeted on those toys display on the rack. Very soon he had choosen a box of dinasour and show me, my son immediately tell him : " Ko ko, expensive woh". He really make me laugh, my son actually do not know how to read the price or cannot see the price tag at all, maybe he know I will give this answer if he choosen those range of toys. He repeated this answer to his cousin for few others toys until his cousin give up.

Finaly both of them choose 2 sets of Best Buy Dinosaur toys at promotion area, I bought it happily because is under my budget and they also satisfy and willing to go home.